ReportComplete is packed with lots of exclusive features, here are just some of them:

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During the set-up process we will work with you to create a report style which will be unique for your school.

Once this is done, we can then help you load teacher and class lists for the year.

We will only invoice you if you are completely satisfied and wish to start using the program.

And thats it really, teachers just open the program with the unique username and passwords we send and start writing.
Assign more than one class teacher to the same set of reports for job shares.

Give specific teachers access to reports for set subjects across the school eg Music

Move between computers and password and log on as required.
A step-by-step wizard will add teacher and pupil lists directly from any school management program.
Easily access past reports (for viewing, printing or exporting as a PDF).
Report:Assist is very easy to set up and maintain and our friendly support team will help you through installation and making any changes.

We can accomodate most report design requests, including any layout or grid boxes you might require.

There are also a set of 5 'classic'' report syles that you can simply add your school logo's to.
We can accommodate most request with regards to report layout, subjects, logos, tick boxes etc.

However in our experience there are several formats that seem to suit the majority of schools and here are some examples of the most popular layouts.

You can refer to these as a basis for your schools design, or start completely from scratch.
Schools and individual teachers can build, retain and grow a unique bank of comments year on year.

We also include several sets of comments (which can be de-selected if not required) and these cover :-

EYFS KS1 KS2 P Scales Catholic 'I Can' SEAL EAL Welsh Curriculum and Welsh Foundation Phase.

We will be working with a panel of schools to create a set of comments for any new curriculum changes.
Report:Assist is a program not a website so the speed of your network will not greatly affect performance.

Reports are always secure (complies with LA security protocols - data is always scrambled on your computer and encrypted (SSL) over the Internet.

Teachers can work offline but will need internet access to download and upload report data.

Report:Assist can be installed on any Microsoft Windows PC (Vista onwards) and Apple Macintosh (OSX Mountain Lion onwards).

What our schools are saying...

 Report Assist is well designed, user friendly and flexible piece of software that supports staff in producing reports. It is... 
Assessment Coordinator, Nottingham

 We like the ease of use, my staff would be very upset if we had to revert to word documents. 
Headteacher, Lincolnshire

 It is an excellent resource especially for teachers who dislike writing reports. It ensures that reports are fairly consistent throughout... 
Deputy Head, North Yorkshire