Reporting Without Levels:

Many of our schools are still find their way with regards to reporting and assessment within the new curriculum.

In depth reporting on the core subjects with more generalised sections for the remaining foundation subjects is becoming a popular choice.

Report:Assist encourages schools and individual teachers to build, retain and grow a unique bank of comments year on year.

In addition, our panel of schools have helped to create a library of comments based on the New Curriculum descriptors (these can be turned off if you prefer not to use them).

We also include some great general supportive comments and targets which can add variety to reports.

It is possible that you may wish to change and evolve your reporting over the next few years and we can help you to effortlessly make changes.

What our schools are saying...

 This is a great program. We were using a template before but this gives me the flexibility and ability to... 
Educator P5, Lancashire

 To be honest, my staff seem to have loved it and I have found it has all gone so smoothly!  
Headteacher, Birmingham

 It's great! Have to say we will not get too stressed thinking about next years reports now. 
Teacher, Essex