What our schools are saying...

Below is a small selection of the great feedback we have had from our users.

 I can now honestly say that 'there's an app for that' when it comes to reporting. 

Headteacher, Cambridge

 I must say, I am impressed with the service we get from Report Assist... Seriously. It's spot on! 

Headteacher, Lancashire

 This has definitely simplified how we report to parents and made it a quick and easy job too! 

Headteacher, Swindon

 To be honest, my staff seem to have loved it and I have found it has all gone so smoothly!  

Headteacher, Birmingham

 Staff only had a short time to become familiar with the software but even the 'technophobes' found it easy to use and are delighted with it. 

Headteacher, Derbyshire

 Nice staff and nothing is too much trouble when we were getting set up. 

Headteacher, Rotherham

 Excellent product - far better than the other two software packages we have used. Far less stressful for all staff, teachers and admin. 

Headteacher, Staffordshire

 Have to say I was not keen on the idea of a 'program' for generating reports, but my staff are actually producing much more interesting and rounded content. 

Headteacher, West Yorkshire

 Software is very easy to use and produces good clear reports that staff and parents like. 

Headteacher, Runcorn

 Report Assist is an excellent program. Our school is small with teachers who are job sharing. It is user friendly and because everybody can save a backup of their reports securely online makes it ideal. The support and guidance is excellent too. 

Headteacher, Gloucester

 We like the ease of use, my staff would be very upset if we had to revert to word documents. 

Headteacher, Lincolnshire

 Extremely pleased. Once teachers had allowed themselves to adjust to a change they really liked the system and its flexibility. 

Headteacher, Kent

 Now we can always have our reports ready to go out on time without any last minute panic. 

Deputy Head, Rotherham

 Our staff enjoyed using this software very much, a great improvement. Thank you. 

Deputy Head, Taunton

 This program is excellent, you can focus on actually writing reports, there is no getting confused with opening and editing 35 documents. 

Deputy Head and ICT Leader, Staffordshire

 It was our first year of using the program - most staff found it very easy to use and it certainly cut down the amount of time spent on report writing. I am sure we will develop it further next year. 

Deputy Head, Essex

 This was our first time using the program and most teachers quickly became expert at writing their reports. The layout of the reports is very attractive. Report Assist has made the process of report writing far more efficient and stress free. 

Deputy Head, Cheshire

 The whole process of changing over went smoothly which is unusual in our school! Thanks again! 

Deputy Head, Wolverhampton

 It is an excellent resource especially for teachers who dislike writing reports. It ensures that reports are fairly consistent throughout the school. I think it is easy to use. 

Deputy Head, North Yorkshire

 It has taken me 5 years of looking, but as a school we are all very happy with the reports we now produce. 

Deputy Head, Hertfordshire

 We ran a training session that was over in just 20 minutes ! 

Deputy Head Teacher, Great Yarmouth

 Thanks for making the laborious process of writing that bit more manageable. Nice one. 

Class Teacher, London

 A must for every teacher in every school. An excellent program. Highly recommended. 

Reception / Year 1 Teacher, Yorkshire

 Report Assist has been a very useful resource, supporting my ability to write reports efficiently and effectively. Definitely money well spent. 

Class teacher, Phase leader and SENCO, London

 Report Assist is an excellent, easy to use program, it does its job well. 

Class Teacher / ICT Coordinator, Lancashire

 That time of year again and I am so relieved to have Report:Assist back in use... I like the new version, it is so easy to insert and add to groups. Really pleased with this product. Thanks! 

Yr 3 Teacher, Jersey

 A great program which all members of staff have been able to use, even those who feel less than confident in the use of ICT. Report writing has become much less of an ordeal. 

Class Teacher, Cleveland

 We never like a change, especially with something like reports, but have to say moving to report assist was pretty painless. 

Class Teacher, Lancashire

 As a first time user I have been able to immediately crack on with my reports. The bank of statements has been useful in helping me to structure my reports, and in particular I find the "red highlighting of doom" useful in helping me to know when to stop typing! 

Class Teacher, Nottingham

 I find the program user friendly and easy to use. 

Class Teacher, Witham

 Excellent support, if only all companies were so friendly and efficient! Congratulations on producing such an excellent package. Thank you. 

Teacher, Gillingham

 I am really pleased with the software. The group writer is its real strength. 

Teacher, Dartford

 A positive experience. 

Class Teacher, Gillingham

 Report Assist is well designed, user friendly and flexible piece of software that supports staff in producing reports. It is easily the best reporting system that I have ever used. 

Assessment Coordinator, Nottingham

 This is a great program. We were using a template before but this gives me the flexibility and ability to add my own favourites, and save these. Thanks! 

Educator P5, Lancashire

 It's great! Have to say we will not get too stressed thinking about next years reports now. 

Teacher, Essex

 I have to say I love Report Assist this year. It has helped enormously. 

Class Teacher, Newcastle

 Report Assist allows me to provide a comprehensive and accurate report on my pupils to their families, whilst lessening the impact to my own family of hours and hours spent on writing reports manually. 

SBM, Derbyshire

 It's one more admin task that we no longer need to worry about. 

ICT Coordinator, Tamworth

 Using Report Assist will definitely save you time writing your reports, and there won't be any mistakes! 

Assessment Leader, Devon

 We are loving using report assist and would like to use the curriculum statements as part of our long/medium term planning next year. 

ICT Co-ordinator, Cardiff

 We absolutely love it! It is really easy to use, with features like copy and pasting which automatically changes 'he' to 'she', saving loads of time. I would certainly recommend Report Assist to every school. 

ICT Co-ordinator, Buckinghamshire

 Just had a quick word with the Headteacher - she is well impressed with the program, the red highlights for spellings, the green for the child's name has made it so much easier for her to check them quickly as it shows up any errors. 

School Business Manager, Mansfield

 Just to let you know that Report Assist has been great. Very user friendly and all of our teachers have managed to print their own reports, which has been brilliant! (And saved me lots of time too!) 

School Administrator, Birmingham

 Report Assist is a breath of fresh air. Until now I have never seen a report-writing system which writes anything like an interesting report, let alone one parents would actually want to read. 

ICT Coordinator, Merseyside

 Staff particularly liked how the gender and names were changed when copying and pasting statements between reports. 

ICT Manager, Runcorn