We are now celebrating 17 years of report writing development.

In 2014 we began work on re-designing report:assist from the bottom up.

This time around we challenged ourselves to create a flexible reporting system based on our experience and the unique set of tasks Primary reporting creates.

We are confident that Report:Assist now does this one specialised job really well.

We have also realised that schools generally require a more rounded service which can include set-up and ongoing help as so our support has become as important as our software.

What our schools are saying...

"This has definitely simplified how we report to parents and made it a quick and easy job too!"

Headteacher, Swindon

"Report Assist is well designed, user friendly and flexible piece of software that supports staff in producing reports. It is easily the best reporting system that I have ever used."

Assessment Coordinator, Nottingham

"Just had a quick word with the Headteacher - she is well impressed with the program, the red highlights for spellings, the green for the child's name has made it so much easier for her to check them quickly as it shows up any errors."

School Business Manager, Mansfield